Upcoming Events


Consultant, “Empires in New York.” CNBC limited, six-part documentary series about the rise to power during the 1980s of six of New York City’s most iconic figures. Premieres on CNBC Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 8 pm EST.

Past Events

William Patterson University, Wayne, NJ (October 22, 2020)
“Who’s Looking at You: Surveillance in the Land of the Free,” Ninth Annual Multidisciplinary Conference
Title: “Surveillance, State Violence, Racial Boundary Making, and Local Policing”

University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley (October 9, 2020)
Department of Political Science Colloquium on Policing, Borders, and Wall
Title: “Surveilling Blackness in 21st Century USA.: The Case of New York City”


Instituto Brasileiro de Ciências Criminais – IBCCRIM, São Paulo, Brazil (August 30, 2019)
Panelist, Presentation Title: “The Legacy of the Central Park Jogger Case: The Implications for Racialized Policing and Surveillance in a Racial State”