Creating and Testing New Frameworks for Analyzing the NYPD Stop & Frisk Data


The initial work of the lab revolves around a re-examination of the data collected from the over 5 million police stops of pedestrians made using the NYPD’s Stop, Question, and Frisk (SQF) practice during the Bloomberg Administration, from 2002 – 2013. This period represents the height of the police department’s SQF practices. In 2013 a federal court ruled the SQF practices, as they were then conducted, unconstitutional. The court ordered the NYPD to reform SQF. The bulk of prior academic examinations of the NYPD’s SQF practices flattened the life experiences of all the people, communities, and organizations subjected to this type of state activity. Working with new frameworks that better represent the life experiences of the people, communities, and organizations involved in SQF, the Race and Big-Data Driven Policing Lab is conducting a re-examination of millions of pieces of SQF data.